FOSSY 2023

July 13-16th 2023 — Portland, OR

The first Free and Open Source Software Yearly conference

Software Freedom Conservancy

FOSS is back in Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center!

Software Freedom Conservancy is so proud to announce that we are hosting a community oriented conference this coming summer. FOSSY (Free and Open Source Yearly) is focused on the creation and impact of free and open source software, uplifting contributors of all experience.

We are mindful of having a safe environment for all. In this new time of conferences, we will be focused on COVID safety and making sure all attendees feel safe participating as much as they feel comfortable (we will have a detailed policy published in the coming weeks).

As this is the first year we are running a conference of this scale, we plan to have 8 tracks for talks over 4 days. With tracks for community building, development and legal and licensing issues, our conference will provide ample learning and networking opportunities for contributors of all levels of experience. We also plan to involve significant community participation in the content of our tracks.

As we look to the future of conferences, we are excited to focus on using free software to run a conference and will seek to help reduce the amount of proprietary software that is treated as default.

Aerial photograph of the Oregon Convention Center
Oregon Convention Center (CC-BY 2.0)